What’s your Joseph Calling?

I began reading ‘The Joseph Calling’ by Os Hillman this morning. There are a couple of words that stuck out because they are like sandpaper on the chalkboard of my life.

Humility and a broken and contrite heart.  

6356388427610595271282450916_969748_10103227871636285_1801255318_nWhen I recall the early life of Joseph, it begins with an arrogant youth flaunting his God gift in front of his older brothers. We all know that didn’t go well. The blessing of that moment is that they sold him rather than kill him. God, of course had a plan and as we recall the account we can clearly see the hand of God in his life and the salvation of his family. The man that came out of that 13 plus years of hardship was refined by fire; humbled by his God and redeemed for an eternal purpose. God’s plan took way more time than I’m sure Joseph realized, but he still trusted in his God. I wonder if the moments of double and fear, the questionings and anger are removed from the account or if Joseph never experience it. Perhaps it’s there in the written account and I have not studied it, nevertheless it is the refined man of God that is our example. He was placed in God ordained circumstances for a greater purpose and it was not until he become who God wanted him to be that he was usable for the kingdom; the greater good, redemption.

Ever feel like your circumstances are meaningless? Os Hillman say in his devotional, the modern- day Joseph’s are broken by failed finances, failed marriages, failed relationships and perhaps career failures. They come through the circumstance, perhaps God ordained, or of our making, refined by fire and usable for kingdom work, redemptive work. The focus again is the outcome, not the circumstance or even the internal spiritual struggle that takes place. The result is a broken, contrite humble heart. That’s our Joseph example.

Are your circumstances something that God has entrusted you with to fulfil a greater plan for others?

Are your circumstances refining you to be a humble, refined broken leader in some area of the kingdom for His Glory?

That certainly was Joseph’s experience years later. Thoughts to ponder.

Lord help me reframe my circumstance and see them as a gift you entrusted to me for my refinement and kingdom work. No matter how insignificant or difficult it may seem to me now. No matter how long it takes, create in me a clean heart, broken and poured out for your glory and my ultimate good.

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