The Wisdom of Children

Great perspective Char. I’m glad you started writing again. I think the ‘easy downhill’ has so may applications. Blessings friend. I’m gonna reblog this on Ebenezers of Grace.

There is JOY in the Journey

Joy in the JOurneY – The Wisdom of Children

Children, while innocent, curious, and fun, often have wisdom to offer if we take the time to listen. Today was a very nice day here in Susanville and I decided to sit on my deck and enjoy some fresh air. My landlord’s children were out and about playing. After a while, mom went in and the two boys were still outside. Thus a conversation was begun. I learned their favorite food (mac and cheese in case you are interested – the vestiges of which were visible on faces as well), why it is best NOT to swim with sharks, and how the trees around the house look like a T-Rex at night (I better start paying more attention). Also, there appears to be a bird living in their garage, a scary bird that turns its head and looks at you when…

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