For this reason…

I wrote this awhile ago but never published it. . . Be blessed!


Paul was in prison while writing this letter to Ephesus, but he took the circumstances of his life in stride; the hardship that came along with a Roman dungeon; the lack of freedom and the basic comforts of life because these were not his focus. Christ in him was his hope and he fully placed his unwavering trust in the person who had so completely transformed him. It was because Paul recognized his weaknesses, his sin, his shortcoming and failures that he understood the grace he so personally speaks of in this passage.

The key to understanding and living in the grace of God, given to each believer is the ability to accept it. In order to accept it, one must understand the depth of their own sin and what it cost to reconcile their damaged relationship with God. My son is working with a personal trainer and recently I asked him why this experience has really changed how he views his health.  His response was that it was expensive and because he had invested in the process, he could not afford not to pay attention. This was not the answer I expected to receive from him. But the same is true for living in this grace place Paul speaks from, this place of surrender. He knew who he was and from what he was redeemed and understood what it cost of the one who paid the price for him.

This changed his focus, it was the driving force of the ministry to which he was called, it affected all his relationships and colored all his conversations. Grace received cannot be held. Grace received must be given.  In order to receive grace, full surrender must change ones focus and circumstances become the vehicle from which grace can be given.

Lord,shut out the world as I live in it

hearing only it’s muffled tones, 

Listening only for your mercy

Focused in on you alone.

Drown the call of all it’s pleasure,

cover it with just your voice,

Calling me in boundless measure;

Calling me to make the choice.


Choices that were made at Calvary

When you chose to rescue me.

Let me see in unmarred measure

All that you have done for me.


Move me past this earthen vessel

Move me past this earth’s strong pull.

Help me Lord, your grace sufficient.

Help me live for you alone.

2 thoughts on “For this reason…

  1. I was thinking about grace this morning and want to read more about it. Andhere you are. Thank you. May God bless you as you share with us.


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